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  • Great doc. Best in LA.  Only plastic surgeon I would ever trust with my face… Sammie
  • STIM therapy is a remarkable procedure.  Two weeks after injection, I measured myself and gained half an inch in length, roughly the same in girth.  In addition, both ease in achieving erection and sensation have increased dramatically.  A few days ago which was about 3 weeks after injections, I was able to have sex with my girlfriend 4 times in the same day.  I don’t recall ever being able to do that. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone experiencing difficulties with sex or just wish to improve their sex life.A.S. 28 year old man
  • I always was a little self-conscious over my body image. So I decided to do something about it. I saw Dr. Tim, who was recommended to me by a friend, for a breast augmentation consult. Dr. Tim was very professional and knowledgeable for my plan of care, along with being very skilled as a surgeon. I am very happy with my new look and my new attire! Thanks Dr. TimAmber K.
  • Living in LA, there are no shortages of plastic surgeons.   I found myself “shopping” for doctors when I wanted my nose done.  After seeing 4, I found Dr. Neavin on the web because he had very good reviews.  So, I made an appointment and was just blown away with his bedside manners and eye for beauty.  He spent a great deal of time talking about things I never even considered like balancing the face and proportions.  I ended up getting my nose smaller, cheeks and lips fuller and a small chin implant.  My results are just stunning and I still can’t believe the transformation when I look in a mirror sometimes.  Sure, there was bruising and my face was puffy for a week but it was well worth it!  My advice?  Don’t doctor shop looking for the “best deals”.  Go with people who have good reputations in the city.  The best deals are the ones that know what they’re doing.   Dr. Neavin is one of them. 5 stars!

    Mindy M.

  • Tim Neavin is an extremely reliable and skilled doctor. My experience with him was as good as it gets, he was available 24/7 for questions and support. I had his cell number :) !!!! so whenever I needed something, he was a phone call or text away.Board Certified in PLASTIC SURGERY ****** THATS  what i was looking for, instead of some random dude doing cosmetics and plastic surgery out of his dental office. -_- Have been treated by him  numerous times and sent a number of very happy friends!KL
  • To begin with, all of the staff was incredibly helpful and professional, I immediately felt  like i was in a safe environment and no one was here to scam me. My Consultation was Dr. Neavin went phenomenally well. He did not push or try to swindle me in any way. I ended up doing Fat Grafting, before my consultation i was under the impression i needed to have implants to restore fullness in my cheeks and to restore overall facial balance.He explained  that using my own fat to re-implant it where needed ( to re plump my sunken areas— cheeks, lips, face, some creases:/) was a much more practical and effective way to create dramatic results. ALL of my creases have improved, and all of my sunken areas have become much fuller,  I could not be any happier.
  • Dr. Neavin made me look like I did ten years ago.  He performed fat transfer on my lower eyelids, cheeks and smile lines and all the stress and aging of the last decade was magically gone.  He really has an artist’s eye.  Several of my friends have been to him for procedures too and been very happy (which is part of why I chose him).  Most highly recommended.
  • Two of my closest friends and I have had cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Neavin.  He is an ARTISTIC GENIUS– and one of the nicest, caring, sincere doctors  I have ever met.  Not egotistical….He won’t try to sell his services – just will tell you the honest truth!  After interviewing several others — We all chose Dr. Neavin and were subtly transformed!   He has given us back the confidence we had in our younger years.  I love my neck!  Don’t have to hide on Thanksgiving anymore–My profile is restored!  My jowls are gone and my eyelids aren’t sagging:)) Highly recommended.  You won’t be sorry.  Have a consultation before you choose another!  I look “rested” and not pulled and unnatural!
  • I personally know several plastic surgeons in Los Angeles but I was referred to Dr. Tim Neavin by a friend who said I just had to go see him.  I did and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Dr. Neavin is equal parts trustworthy professional, skillful artist and caring doctor.  I went to see him to discuss injectables and fillers. Dr. Neavin spent time with me describing the options available to me, showed me pictures of other patient’s procedures and discussed my expectations.  He even told me there were things I was considering that I did not have to do to my face.  I like that he erred on the conservative side.Dr. Neavin’s dedication and commitment to his patients extends far beyond your appointment time and the obvious things.  Prior to my procedure, I had several follow-up questions that I emailed to him. He not only emailed me back but called me to discuss as well.  I know I wasn’t having major plastic surgery but I was anxious about doing fillers and my questions were important to me and Dr. Neavin is the type of doctor who recognizes the validity of all of his patients’ concerns, regardless of how big or small the procedure is.There are dozens of plastic surgeon options in LA and Beverly Hills, but Dr. Neavin is at the top of my list. I won’t go to anyone else.  Oh, and an extra bonus: his consultations are free.  Further proof of his commitment to his future patient’s best interests over his own interests.
  • I thought you would like to hear this story. A friend in the office (male) just said to me, “you look so young today, what did you do, get a new face cream or something?” I told him I had my hair colored to wash away the grays. Only my doctor and hair stylist really know the truth! :-). Thank you again for your skilled artistic vision. I do love the results.
  • I went to get my teeth whitened today and the dentist had a puzzled look. He said my upper jaw and my lower jaw are not aligned but my profile was perfect. I proceeded to tell him about my chin implant and he was shocked. He said you did such an amazing job. I just thought I’d let you know. Now he wants to look at my before and after pictures.
  • Today is a month since my surgery… Lovin the results and enjoying life!!! Dr. Neavin You’re the best!
  • Thank you for taking such good care of me. I appreciate all of the follow up phone calls to see how I was doing. You are such a caring doctor.
  • I love my new face! Thank you!
  • Dr. Neavin, Love my lips! Amazing!


  • Dr. Neavin, Thank you for being such a caring doctor. You have made this experience exceptionally easy!


  • Thanks, Dr. Tim! I love my new addition!


  • Thank you so much for making my dreams come true and for the best breasts in LA!!!! Many of my friends are up for coming to see you on a surgery holiday to LA now!!! So I’ll be bringing you some more crazy English girls for you to transform soon. Thank you so much for being so patient with me and for my amazing new breasts. It really is the best thing I ever did!


  • The most professional, caring, artistic plastic surgeon I have ever been lucky to have met. I trust him implicitly. I will be back.
    Leslie E.
  • I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Neavin and his staff. I had a rhinoplasty and fat grafting to my cheeks last year, and had a breast augmentation this year. My face looks fantastic and he truly is an artist. I was impressed with his staff, the post op care, and his accessibility. He always answered questions for me and you could just tell he was very confident. My breasts are large, but look very natural.
  • Dr. Neavin is a Filler Magician. Single again, so needed a fresh look. Dr. Neavin put fillers in a few places in my face and I’m feeling pretty good. Although my friends can’t seem to put a finger on what looks different about me, they all pretty much say I look better or less tired. :-)
  • Dr. Neavin is an extremely skilled and efficient surgeon. He is a perfectionist, and took careful measure to make sure my surgery (breast, nose and facial fat grafting) was a complete success. I’ve never felt more at ease or confident undergoing such a major procedure than I did with Dr. Neavin. (as this was a 2nd breast and 2nd nose aug) He made himself available at all times and never kept me waiting on him for appointments. I am THRILLED with the results and I would go back in a heartbeat for future procedures. Dr. Neavin is a true artist and an extraordinary value that stands apart from other surgeons in his field.
    Missy L.
  • Dr. Neavin is AMAZING!!! He is a true artist and a very skilled Plastic Surgeon! I have had my breast augmentation with Dr. Neavin as well as BOTOX and Juvederm injections. I am extremely pleased with all my results and continue to go to him and send ALL of my friends and family! He is extremely kind, takes his time with patients and is very honest! In my opinion, he is the best plastic surgeon!!!!
    Amy F.
  • I absolutely love my nose! The result far exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of me! Warm Regards!
    Maura T.
  • I consulted with many surgeons before choosing Dr. Neavin to perform the procedures I needed to have done. I found him to be the most thorough, knowledgeable and professional of – plus, he is a genuinely nice person! My results were amazing and I highly recommend him. By far the best! Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills.
    Kevin W.
  • Two of my closest friends and I have had cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Neavin. He is an ARTISTIC GENIUS– and one of the nicest, caring, sincere doctors I have ever met. Not egotistical….He won’t try to sell his services – just will tell you the honest truth! After interviewing several others — We all chose Dr. Neavin and were subtly transformed! He has given us back the confidence we had in our younger years. I love my neck! Don’t have to hide on Thanksgiving anymore–My profile is restored! My jowls are gone and my eyelids aren’t sagging:)) Highly recommended. You won’t be sorry. Have a consultation before you choose another! I look “rested” and not pulled and unnatural!
  • Dr. Neavin fixed my sons lip after massive dog bite. He’s the most honest plastic surgeon that I know . He did not try to up sell on unnecessary surgeries. Basically he cared and handled the problem. My son’s face and lip looks great . Thanks and hopefully my son will realize one day and thank you also.
    GabbyCanoga Park, CA
  • I have the propensity to be a perfectionist and I have very specific desires. Dr Neavin not only got me the results I wanted but he exceeded my expectations. From the initial consult he was amicable and honest and listened to me carefully. He’s not after making a profit but more concerned about achieving great results. If there is a procedure that you want but don’t really need, he will tell you so. I would refer him to anyone and plan on taking my mother to him very soon. He’s helped me become a slimmer, more rejuvenated version of myself.

    Mirella C.

    Mirella C.Los Angeles, CA
  • Today is a month since my surgery… Lovin the results and enjoying life!!! Dr. Neavin You’re the best! -P.R. rhinoplasty, facial fat grafting, chin augmentation, neck liposuction, buccal lipectomy.
  • Thank you for taking such good care of me. You are such a wonderful person and gifted surgeon.
  • My profile is beautiful! And nobody even knows I had surgery :) ! Thank you!
  • Dr. Tim – You’re right about the lips–they’re great! Overall, it’s amazing to me how subtle the changes are, yet the face is less gaunt and is softer, which is what I think makes it appear younger. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you!
  • I’m so honored to have had the chance to meet Dr. Neavin and have you perform my breast augmentation!! I also wanted to leave a comment for all of those that are considering breast augmentation. Dr. Neavin performed my surgery in the spring of 2007. I’d have to say that’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I went from a 34C (not a full C) to a beautiful 36D!! The implants were saline filled and placed under my muscle through an incision made in the fold of my breast. The scar is barely visible and it’s been more than a year since my surgery. NO complications at all!! I have so much more confidence and self-esteem! I like what I see when I look in the mirror now. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the attention I get from my new “twins”! Thanks again Dr. Neavin! I’d refer anyone that’s considering breast augmentation to you.

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