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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for Better Sex


Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin, Board Certified.

My Beverly Hills  plastic surgeon colleague and I got in a discussion the other day about the psychological benefits of breast augmentation.  The fact is, there is a pretty large collection of literature supporting improved body image, particularly with breast enlargement.  I investigated this topic several years ago with Dr. Guy Stofman at the University of Pittsburgh.  It was interesting to see that many women who had breast implants not only reported feeling better about their bodies, but also more comfortable with themselves sexually.  A great number of women who have had cosmetic surgery even reported an easier time to achieve orgasm.  It appears that improved body image from breast augmentation, or virtually any type of cosmetic surgery including face lift surgery, eyelid surgery, body surgery, and labiaplasty translates into improved psychosexual health. Similarly, even improvements in nose (rhinoplasty), face, or tummy (abdominoplasty) can have very similar effects.  It is no wonder why plastic surgeons are often referred to psychiatrists with a knife!  It is not far fetched to claim that Beverly Hills plastic surgery can improve sex!

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