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Butt Lift Surgery - Gluteoplasty - in Los Angeles, California

Butt Augmentation

It is said that “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”, but to many, age is perceived as the enemy of beauty. When it comes to the buttock, aging often results in a loss of perkiness and volume in specific areas.

There have been many studies evaluating the perfect behind from Brazil, and this knowledge has allowed well trained plastic surgeons to understand the aesthetic goals and skillfully recreate a youthful appearance. For instance, when women wear high heels, two things happened: For one, the legs appear longer, and two, the arch of the back is exaggerated which gives the illusion to look more firm. This is called ‘hyper-lordosis’ and is a very attractive feature in women which is created with posture, high heels, or yes, even plastic surgery.

A better butt can be created with your own unwanted fat from liposuction. Dr. Neavin prefers using a combination of liposuction above and below the area and take fat from the flanks or belly.

The beautiful butt starts from the lower back. The slope from the back is often lost with age or fat deposit from weight gain. In some cases, you may not need to be augmented to improve shape. The removal of unwanted fat above the buttock where it meets the lower back can dramatically give the illusion to look perkier. When liposuction here just isn’t enough to the job, the buttock can be augmented with either implants or fat.

Butt implants can produce amazing, long lasting results. The downside is that they can feel firm in very thin people, they require an incision, and there are higher rates of infection and malposition than breast implants. In truth, butt implant surgery is a totally different animal than breast implant surgery. This is a good alternative to someone with a flat butt that has no fat to harvest.

Photo explaining different areas of the buttockA Brazilian Butt Lift in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, generally refers to fat grafting to the butt. When a saggy or flat butt is filled with fat, it looks perkier. This is a great surgery for women or men who have adequate fat in unwanted areas. It is not a good choice for super thin men and women. About 300 cc is needed for each cheek to appreciate enlargement. Some men and women don’t have 600 cc of extra fat that is amenable to liposuction. In these individuals, implants offer a better choice.

The second thing to know about this procedure is that not all fat taken out will survive. The true survival rate of these fat cells is probably 40 to 50 percent. Stem cell extraction adds more time and money to the procedure but offers no clinical advantage. Without stem cell extraction, your fat already has plenty of stem cells. 10 cc of fat has a million stem cells.

This liposuctioned fat is processed in the operating room and injected into the buttock mounds. The goal is to restore projection and perkiness. The results are immediate, dramatic, and long lasting. Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is a great operation for someone who wants a slimmer waist and fuller butt.