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Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation: Big Breast Implants

I saw a patient in my Beverly Hills office interested in breast augmentation. She has been considering a breast enlargement for several years. However, she was uncertain as to what size she wanted to be. Most women who want breast augmentation ask to be in a full C cup range. It is important to understand that there are no real mathematical measurements that can determine cup size. In fact, a Victoria’s Secrets C cup is most different than a Macy’s C cup. So generally what I have patients do who are interested in breast augmentation is to come to the office and try out different breast implant sizes under a sports bra. From there, we determine the appropriate volume.  This method is surprisingly accurate.

When small women want a breast augmentation greater than 450 cc, I do tell them that there are increased problems associated with larger breast implants. Increased complications that can arise from very large implants include bottoming out and perhaps even capsular contracture.  Some capsular contractures require breast revision surgery.  Larger women with more breast tissue can generally support larger implants.  That is, their native breast tissues are likely to be thicker.

However,  thinner women may experience a loss of breast tissue resulting from excessive pressure from an over sized implant (atrophy).  Atrophy is a thinning of the breast structures.  The result may  cause the breast to hang (bottoming out).  Also, it is important to realize that  even though the breast enlargement may “look good” for months after the surgery, the problems with really big breast implants may not develop for years.

Thus,  I usually have patients come to the office on more than one occasion to not only try the sizes of implants on and they go over with the plan again from surgery to post-op care. Particularly, if they desire very large breast implants.  Perhaps one of the most important things in breast surgery is the postoperative care and patients are encouraged to be active and massaging their breasts and wearing the appropriate kind of bras to make sure that the implants fall and develop into the beautiful breasts that they want.

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