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Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Capsular Contracture

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation specialist Dr. Tim Neavin discusses breast implant capsular contracture, which is a ‘hardening’ of the breast implant…

I saw a woman in the Beverly Hills office with a capsular contracture from breast augmentation by a fellow Beverly Hills plastic surgeon many years ago.

The right breast had ‘hardened’ with the fold rising about 2 centimeters. She also reported pain with palpation. She clearly had a ‘capsular contracture’, which is the medical term for hardening of the breast implant. But in reality, it isn’t the implant that hardens, it is the scar tissue around it that hardens. This is actually a rather common problem from breast augmentation, and the causes are not a hundred percent understood. Some possible causes of capsular contracture include prior infection, or prior hematoma (bleeding inside the breast pocket). Regardless of the cause, the treatment of advanced capsular contracture often lies in the operating room with excision of hardened scar tissue and removal and replacement fresh saline or silicone breast implants, and possible pocket repositioning.

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