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Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation: Incisions

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist Dr. Tim Neavin discusses breast augmentation incisions…

Beverly Hills breast augmenation specialist Dr. Tim Neavin

Beverly Hills breast augmenation specialist Dr. Tim Neavin. Dr. Neavin is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Neavin has offices in Beverly Hills, Dubai, and Glendora

Frequently in my Beverly Hills and Glendora office women ask me the advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation with an incision at the ‘fold’. Indeed, the despise of scars on the breast know no geographical boundaries!

First of all, at the breast ‘fold’ is somewhat inaccurate term for describing the location of the breast augmentation incsion. You never want the incision at the fold when performing a breast augmentation. You want it just *above* the fold. Why? Because many bathing suits don’t cover this area, particularly if the arms are elevated above the shoulder. Just-above-the-fold incisions with breast augmentation are hidden better than fold incisions. The only time anyone will ever ‘see’ that incision would be when one is laying on their back. Another common area for incisions for breast augmentation include the areola. Areolar incisions although well camouflaged in the natural border, can often be noticed more easily, particularly in darker skin people. This, for many, is NOT the preferred incision location for breast augmentation.

When it comes to discussing breast enlargment I generally allow the patient to decide what incision to use for their surgery. However, I do NOT prefer incisions in the armpit or belly button mainly because they are remote from the surgical site. It is a rather blind approach. There is much less control in pocket development for the breast implant. In addition, placing silicone breast implants through the belly button is not possible, and placing them through the armpits is very difficult. Likewise, making sure the breast implants sit correctly become even a greater challenge. A breast implant (especially high profile) seated incorrectly in the breast pocket will look unnatural.

Thus, not all incisions are created equal!

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