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Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Rippling

Beverly Hills breast augmentation is abundant.  And breasts are no doubt a staring point. From billboards to the streets of Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood and West Hollywood clubs, cleavage is abounding. I was reminded of the cleavage priority last week when a patient who had a breast augmentation years ago came to see me for implant ‘rippling’ in the mid-line.

For her, she had old saline breast implants and thin skin. The breast implants were underinflated. Her soft tissue coverage was inadequate to camouflage the breast implant below. In addition, she thought the prior surgeon placed the implant over the muscle. Correcting breast implant rippling can be as easy as an implant pocket switch from under breast to under muscle, generally with  silicone breast implants (which ripples less). If the breast implants are already under the muscle, then silicone breast implants alone may correct the rippling, but sometimes biological applications like Strattice of Alloderm are needed to add more coverage to the implant. Alternatively, in the right patient, a neopocket can be developed with the patient’s own breast capsule (scar around the breast, known as capsular contracture in its most severe form that distorts the breast architecture).

Breast implant rippling isn’t pleasant, but it IS correctible with the right tools!

Dr. Tim Neavin is a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon with offices in Beverly Hills, Dubai, and Glendora.

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