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Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation to Save a Life?

Beverly Hills breast augmentation, a new Life Saver? Perhaps not, but do read on…

You may be aware of the Beverly Hills breast augmentation that saved a woman in a dentist’s office from a bullet.   She was shot in the chest, and the silicone breast implant took the blow.   If you forgot this story, you can find it here.  But here’s another tale of the breast implant bizarre:

Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes. Breast implants can be big, small, high profile, and moderate profile just to name a few examples. Breast implants may also be made of silicone or saline. The risks and benefits of breast augmentation and breast implants are well known. The upside to breast augmentation is that a plastic surgeon can turn your droopy or flat breasts into a perky C cup (or A or B, to each their own). The downside of breast augmentation is mainly the cost of surgery, and the infrequent risk of complications. Thankfully, life threatening complications from breast augmentation are exceptionally, exceptionally rare. However, there is an apparent advantage to large silicone breast implants that you may have not known about.  And I’m betting you never tried to rationalize dropping several thousand dollars for this one.  Ready?   Did you know that they can save your life?  Well, I wouldn’t sell this benefit by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes for good news.  On  7, 2012, a Russian newspaper Pravda reported that a  woman from Moscow was stabbed with a knife by her  husband, but her life was spared when the knife struck her silicone breast implant, absorbing most of the impact!  Ironically, the woman’s husband asked his wife to enlarge her breasts five years ago.   Just as interesting, the implant didn’t even leak, and the implant (and breast) retained its normal shape.  While I’m not sure that the moral of the story is that big silicone breast implants save lives, or if a Beverly Hills breast augmentation (or a Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any city breast augmentation)  can save your life, or perhaps there is no moral of this most bizarre breast tale.