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Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation With Minimal Scarring

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons have a new friend… I did a breast augmentation on a 35 year old woman the other day using large silicone implants.

Generally, an incision for a 500 cc silicone implant would need to be larger than 4 to 4.5 centimeters to accommodate the insertion of the implant. Often, plastic surgeons will cut their incision short, but doing so can traumatize the implant and skin leading to disruption of implant shell integrity and poor scarring. However, I used a new device called the Keller Funnel which is a rather interesting (yet simple) device. Indeed, Beverly Hills breast augmentation specialists have a secret weapon!

The implant is placed in a paper like slipper funnel, and the implant is squeezed into the pocket reducing trauma to tissues and implant. And it saves time. What this translates into is smaller incisions for breast implants and better scars! Thanks, Keller!

See the video here to see the Keller Funnel in action…

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