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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for Uneven Breasts and Nipples

Beverly Hills plastic surgery, and the uneven breast and nipples patient:

I saw a patient in my Beverly Hills plastic surgery office today who desired a breast augmentation. She was a ‘B’ cup by most bra standards and wanted to be a ‘large C’. She had a noticeably larger left breast with a nipple position almost a centimeter and a half lower. Breast enlargement was her adamant goal!

I always ask patients who inquire about breast augmentation, ‘do you have a larger breast?’, and ‘do you know if your nipples at the same level?’ Usually, women will notice if one breast is larger. It is less common for them to recognized differences in nipple position.

Size discrepancies with breast augmentation are easier to correct than mild nipple asymmetry. If these slight differences are not pointed out before breast surgery, they are almost always discovered by the patient post operatively. Why? Two reasons.

For one, patients look at their breasts more closely in the mirror after breast surgery. They can become ‘breast obsessed’. Secondly, enlarging breasts is like putting them under a microscope. Mild nipple positions can become larger when the volume is increased. This is normal.

Usually, these very mild nipple differences do not need to be altered surgically, particularly with breast augmentation. After all, no breast set is one hundred percent perfect.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin, Board Certified.

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