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Glendora & Beverly Hills Breast Reconstruction Using Tissue Expanders and Alloderm

Breast Reconstruction

Tissue expansion breast reconstruction with Alloderm. Prior to exchange with silicone implants.

I just saw a wonderful breast reconstruction patient in my Glendora office today. This is a woman who had breast cancer in both of her breasts. She had mastectomies a year ago, but she was initially opposed to the idea of undergoing surgery for cosmesis . However, she like most women, became devastated when she lost both of her breasts. When a woman loses her breasts, she is losing part of her identity as a woman. We discussed reconstructive options on multiple visits given the vast options women have nowadays. She had no prior radiation, and so tissue expansion appeared the most appropriate choice. We proceeded with a breast reconstruction using AlloDerm. Alloderm is processed tissue. It is placed like a hammock to redefine the breast fold. Tissue expanders were placed and then inflated serially over the course of two months. Once we were happy with the breast volume, we discussed the removal of the expanders and replacement with silicone implants. With tissue expansion breast reconstruction, very symmetrical and perky breasts can be achieved. Women often even end up with larger and perkier breasts than prior to her mastectomy. This is progress! Following reconstruction, the nipple can be recreated and the areola tattooed, and in the end, it often appears that the patient had a breast augmentation rather than reconstruction!