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Happy Day in the Office

What a fun day in Beverly Hills! Christmas weekend is over and the sun is out. I saw a lot of happy patients today in the office including a recent rhinoplasty and facelift, and a future happy breast augmentation patient from England. While she wavered between a “B” cup and “C” cup, I can tell you almost every woman who chose a “B” wish they would have chose a “C”. But bigger is better is the American Way. I’m not so sure the same rules apply to the Brits who tend to be a bit more conservative, except when it comes to fashion. Which is interesting, actually. I wonder why designers such as Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood produce some of the most daring designs in the background of stereotypical dry, tame London? And how did she know I was wearing a Paul Smith shirt and suit without even an ounce of solicitation? But I digress…

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