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Breast Lift Candidates

Droopy breasts alone do not make one a good candidate for a breast lift.  Paramount to the procedure is ensuring good health and the avoidance of any and all nicotine products.  Smoking (and any form of nicotine) will constrict small vessels in the tissues and impair healing.  The outcome of proceeding with a mastopexy with nicotine on board can be nothing short of disastrous.  For that reason, it is imperative that patients be one hundred percent up front with their plastic surgeon when it comes to this topic.

Likewise, specific health issues like diabetes may impair healing, particularly if it is poorly controlled. A list of medications that must be avoided is also a topic of consideration and will be provided before surgery.

Assuming that the above boxes are checked, the beast candidates for a breast lift are those women who wish to have the same size breasts but just perkier.  The addition of subtraction of volume with an implant or breast reduction can be combined with the lift.  Augmentation mastopexy can be performed either together or staged; then the augmentation is performed months later.  The advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches are discussed in the FAQ section.

Perhaps the second biggest factor in good patient selection is the acceptance of the big trade-off: improved shape at the expense of scars.  The scar location and visibility vary from the type of lift to the inherent healing capacity of the patient, as well if implants are used and surgical technique.  A great deal on this topic will be discussed during the consultation.