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Breast Lift Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Neavin will ask questions about a patient’s general health and whether or not smoking or nicotine products are in the picture.  All nicotine consumption must be avoided for at least four weeks before surgery.  A medication list will be reviewed as well as any family history of breast cancer.

While a breast lift does not increase one’s risk of developing breast cancer, the idea of obtaining this history is to determine whether or not a screening mammogram to develop a baseline makes sense.  After a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation, the internal architecture of the breast will be changed and a pre-surgery mammogram is sometimes helpful to have for down the road. If indeed there is a family history of breast cancer, the age for a screening mammogram will be determined by Dr. Neavin and your treating medical doctor.

Measurements of the breasts will be obtained as well as the grading of ptosis (droopiness).  Desires for increasing or reducing the size of the breast and areola will be assessed, and from here, the plan for lifting can be discussed with diagrams or even markings on the chest with an erasable marker.