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Breast Lift Surgical Details

Description of the Procedure

Breast lifts are often performed with a mommy-makeover, a term that describes the traditional combination of breast lift with a tummy tuck.  During pregnancy, the breasts engorge with milk during lactation.  After giving birth, the breasts deflate and often the skin of the breasts remain loose.  The drooping of the breast is termed “ptosis”.  The degree of ptosis will determine the necessary approaches to lifting the breast and nipple.

Ptosis is often characterized in 3 grades using the nipple about the breast fold.  Perky breasts are characterized by the nipple sitting well above the fold.  Grade 1 ptosis is when the nipple sits at the level of the breast fold.  Grade 2, the nipple sits below the fold.  Grade 3 is the droopiest shape marked by the nipple sitting below the fold and pointing downward.

The process of elevating the nipple and breast while reducing the areola involves the removal of skin and tissue suspension. These are the essential components of a breast lift.