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Final results after breast augmentation are not seen for several weeks.  The breasts will remain swollen and perhaps even appear a little funny looking for some time. As the tissues relax, the breasts will form into a more round, beautiful shape.  If breast implants are incorporated, it may take weeks for the breast implant to settle. It is important to maintain contact with your plastic surgeon in the peri-operative period to ensure that incisions are healing, and the tissues are recovering appropriately.


Scars from mastopexy are related to the incision size and placement, tension on the closure, genetics, and individual healing capacity.  All efforts are made to reduce scar visibility.  Incisions around the areola are well camouflaged.  Incisions in the breast fold are well hidden.  The vertical scar is not very visible since it rests on the undersurface of the breast.

Close follow up with Dr. Neavin will ensure the best possible scar outcome.  This may include creams, massaging protocols, or injections in the office.