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Breast Augmentation Consultation

When you meet with Dr. Neavin, it is often a good idea to bring in photographs of breasts that you like.  While a breast augmentation alone will not alter the shape of the breast too much, the enlargement with an implant can make the breast fuller, bigger, perkier, and of course, prettier.  The idea of bringing in photographs is not to try to create identical implants to the photo – this is of course, impossible – but to allow Dr. Neavin to get a feel for size expectations and certain “looks” to achieve and to avoid.

Measurements will be obtained in the office.  The measurements function as blueprints to help determine what size and shape implant will fit your breasts the best.  On the topic of “fit”, entire book chapters can be written.  The important points to remember are this: There exists an appropriate “maximum” volume for your breasts.  This maximum volume is determined by breast width, the distance between the breast fold and nipple, and tissue elasticity.

However, if plastic surgeons stuck strictly to this rule, many patients would exit surgery with smaller breasts than they desire.  Thus, while it is often the case that maximum tissue volumes are exceeded, it is important to understand these choices and the possible downsides for going bigger than the tissues accommodate.  This is an important discussion with your surgeon.  Dr. Neavin will review your anatomy and counsel you on sizes and what to potentially expect with larger breast implants.

Some women desire a “fake” look.  Others insist on only “natural” looking breasts.  Both looks can easily be achieved with the appropriate implant choice.  It should be noted here that “bigger” doesn’t mean “fake.”  With the new generation breast implants, very large augmentations can be performed in women with very small breasts while still looking natural.  Photographs of ideal breasts are extremely helpful to assess one’s particular desires.  The overall results, of course, are largely dependent on choosing a surgeon who understands breast tissue dynamics and breast implants and good communication between doctor and patient.

After measurements are obtained and photos are evaluated, Dr. Neavin may draw with an erasable marker potential incision placements on the breasts.  He will review with you if your anatomy dictates a preferable incision position over another, but the decision is ultimately up to the patient.

While there does exist certain computer programs that help simulate volume after breast augmentation, these have often generated imprecise images.  The best and most accurate way to determine what size you desire is to fit yourself in the office.

Breast implants are “tried on” for size under a sports bra.  It is a good idea to visit your consultation with a nonpadded bra.  Based on the in-office fit, implant volumes can be chosen.  One’s tissue parameters based on this volume will help determine profile (shape of the implant).

Decisions on size need not be finalized until the day of surgery since an array of sizes in the desired range will be available.

In addition to size and shape, implant materials will be reviewed, such as silicone, gummy bear silicone, and saline.  While most breast implants chose by patients are silicone or gummy silicone, there may be advantages to saline implants when it comes to breast lifts.  There is more on this in the breast lift section.

Any and all questions will be answered by Dr. Neavin.  Because it is common to forget questions during a visit, patients are encouraged to either call or email Dr. Neavin to address anything missed or overlooked in the consultation.

After the evolution, you will meet the patient coordinator, Michelle, to discuss prices, dates, and financing options.  All patients are encouraged to schedule secondary appointments to review the entire plan again, but this isn’t necessary.

The do’s and dont’s both before and after surgery will be considered.