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Massaging implants: The why, the do’s, the dont’s

Breast implants once inside the body form internal scar tissue called a capsule.  This is a standard process.  The implants often will sit higher on the chest wall after surgery because the tissues are tighter on the lower pole of the breast, and, the pectoralis major muscle may push the implant up.

The idea of massaging is to stretch out the tissues on the lower pole of the breast (the area from fold to nipple), to soften the internal scar to keep the breasts feeling soft, and to overcome any forces generated by the pectorals major muscle.

If proper massaging is avoided, the implants may end up in an undesired location (usually too high), or the scar tissue may harden and develop a capsular contracture.

Massaging will begin by one week after surgery and should continue to some extent for the lifetime of the augmentation.  Some sides may be massaged more than others to modify breast shape.

Dr. Neavin will develop a massage protocol that best fits your augmentation.