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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation is a same day procedure unless it is combined with multiple procedures that exceed particular operative time.  Patients should not drive the day of surgery nor should they be alone the night of the surgery.  Nausea is uncommon after surgery.  Pain can range depending on factors such as implant placement, the size of the implant if a lift is involved, tolerance to the medication, and individual pain thresholds.

For the most part, the pain subsides by the third day.  Soreness may persist up to a week with pressure the chest.  By the end of the week, massaging can often be started.  The importance of massaging after breast augmentation is found here.

Patients are often seen the following day after surgery for a quick check-up.  Patients should expect swelling, brushing, and discomfort. Swelling will persist for a few weeks, but most of it will subside in 2 weeks.

The implants will likely be high on the chest wall, particularly if the implant size exceeds the appropriate maximum size that tissues can accommodate. Self-massaging will help make the implants drop, but this process can take weeks to months.

Patients are likely then seen a week after surgery, then perhaps another two weeks later.  From there, the frequency of follow-ups mainly depends on convenience for the patient and progress.  At some point when the implants drop to a desired position, patients should transition to a wire bra to help “lock-in” the implant position.  Wire bras worn prematurely may slow down or even prevent the implant from falling.  Close follow-up with your plastic surgeon is paramount for the first six months.