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Breast Augmentation Results & Scarring


The goal of a breast augmentation is of course to create larger, perkier, prettier breasts. The aesthetic outcomes will depend on existing anatomy, chosen implant size, shape, and texture, the surgeon performing the procedure, and compliant follow-up.  This last part is crucial.

After surgery, the implants need to be monitored for up to several months then at yearly intervals at a minimum.   Problems like malposition, bottoming out, and capsular contracture can be identified by your plastic surgeon at early, reversible stages.


Scars are determined by the location of incision and size of the implant (if silicone is chosen, larger incisions are necessary for larger breast implants since silicone implants come pre-filled.  Saline implants come empty and are filled with saline within the body).

Other factors that influence scars are genetics, surgical closure technique, the trauma induced to the incision in surgery with implant placement (the Keller Funnel helps reduce this factor – see video here), and patient compliance.  For instance, Dr. Neavin will instruct his patients how to care for scars.  Post operative scar management may include topical creams to injections in the office.