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Beverly Hills Fat Grafting

Beverly Hills fat grafting and other secrets to fixing aged faces revealed!  Ok, do I have your attention?

Aging faces are not just wrinkled. In fact, that’s just a small part of the genesis of physically aging. If we took a 60 year old man or woman, and evaluated their photo, we would certainly see wrinkles.  Perhaps lots of them!   But what if we erased all the wrinkles on the face with the computer? I assure you that wrinkle-free person will still look in their fifties or sixties  Why is that, you ask? Volume loss, and shadows. Think of the fullness of a babies face. Or, look at your own photos when you were a teenager. The face is plump and full.  It is, well, fat.  As we age, we lose fat in our face. Shadows develop. Folds appear. And we look old. So old. Tugging skin back with lifts efface some folds and make one look younger, but often we need to FILL depleted areas.  Tugged faces without fat look just tugged!  Hollowed out areas need to be filled. With what? Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse. Or, your own, unwanted fat. This is called ‘fat grafting’, and its results are often dramatic!  Fat grafting is a great way to fill out hollowed areas of an aging face.  Fat grafting works not quite as well in small folds – for folds I prefer Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse.  But fat grafting can do wonders for sunken areas under the eyes or enhancing cheek bones.  So, fixing wrinkles, folds, and lines really isn’t a secret.  It just takes a proper evaluation of the problem, and the right person to put the correct product in the right place! For more about fat grafting see this blog devoted to the art of Beverly Hills fat grafting and fat transfer.

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