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Beverly Hills Juvederm and Restylane

Beverly Hills Juvederm, Restylane, and some tips and tricks to freshen a face…

Today in my Beverly Hills Office I saw a 30 year old woman who wanted a fresher look. Many men and women will tell you that they just are starting to look older, but it is difficult to pinpoint the area(s). Well, good news. Skilled plastic surgeons can tell you, and turn a general request into very specific treatments. For one, I always evaluate the skin. With age, pigment changes begin. That is, the skin gets irregularities in color. Sometimes a mild bleaching agent will improve this. These agents are generally much less expensive than lasers. Next, is the skin texture. With age, large pores and fine wrinkles develop. This is where something like Retin-A and Botox help. Lasers may work also, but often these two products alone do wonders and can save patients hundreds of dollars and multiple trips to the office. The next thing I look at is shadows generated by descent of tissue and volume loss from the bottom of the face up. Areas that make someone look old in the lower third of the face are the shadows below the corner of the mouth, the area just in front of the early jowl, and the upper and lower lips which lose its curl and volume. These areas are easily filled in the office with Juvederm or Restylane. The upper lip also elongates with age to hide the upper teeth with parting of the mouth at rest. This looks old. An easy fix to this is a lip lift which can be done in the office. Lip augmentation is often necessary to restore young lips.  Poutiness can be restored to the lips by injected simply the middle third of the lip – extending injections toward the corner of the mouth impart a trout-pout fake look. We’ve all seen it. Middle third of the face aging is marked by deepening of the laugh lines, also called nasolabial folds. An easy quick way to soften the middle third of the face is Juvederm or Restylane injections into this region. Moving upward, the areas below the eyes tend to follow out with age giving a tired appearance to the face. Juvederm or Restylane into this region freshens the face, and tends to look very, very natural. Lastly, with age, is the generation of an upside down heart-shaped face- bottom heavy, if you will. Thus, I like to inject high on the cheek bone just a pinch to build out the arch of the cheek bone. It is subtle, but significant, and imparts a mild shadow below the cheek bone that looks very attractive.  Ultimately, at some point, the amount of Juvederm needed to optimize correction of shadows and add volume become unrealistically expensive and impractical.  This is where fat grafting has a role.  Fat can be taken from an unwanted area such as the hips and flanks, and injected into the deepest shadows of the face such as the temples, the orbital hollows, under the eyes, lips, jaw line, and cheek bone.  I often inject up to 50 cc in a face, which is the equivalent of over 60 Juvederm syringes.  The results of fat grafting are dramatic and very natural looking.  It is one of my favorite operations.  For a recent fat grafting before and after, click on this fat grafting link.

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