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A Belly Button Day in the Rain

Today was a fun day to be a plastic surgeon despite the Los Angeles rain. For one, the hospitals I visited were dry. Secondly, I saw patients today ranging from rhinoplasty interests, to breast augmentation capsular contractures, to fillers such as Juvederm and Botox. But the best part of the day ended after I operated on a dear friend with a big belly button hernia, called an umbilical hernia. This often results from prior laparoscopic surgery leaving a rent in the abdominal wall. The intraabdominal contents then ‘herniate’ through and push out the belly button making them big ‘outties’. I think it’s fair to say most men and women prefer ‘innies’. Well, umbilicoplasty is the name of the surgery that can address your ‘outtie’ problems, and recreate that sexy divot that we call belly button. Of course, this divot is really nothing more than a scar from the chord of the placenta. It is one of the few areas that a scar is not only accepted, but preferred!

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