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Beautiful Brows

Women spend a great deal of time and money beautifying their brows. Let’s face it, eyes are engaging, enticing, and seductive. The brows serve to animate and frame the eyes, and are a staring point in communication. Botox can help improve brow shape, but grooming them properly is equally important. The peak of the brow should be at the outer portion of the colored portion of the eye (limbus) toward the outer corner (canthus). The brow beginning and end should be at very similar planes on the horizontal. However, trends continue to emerge placing the outer brow at a position 1 to 2 mm above its medial counterpart, thanks mainly to grooming and Botox. Most women don’t groom the inner (medial) brow enough. If one draws a vertical line from the inner corner of the eye (inner canthus), the inner brow should ‘stop’ at this line. If the brow is trimmed slightly outside this imaginary line, it gives the illusion of slightly wider spaced eyes which can be considered exotic. Simple steps to beautiful brows!

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