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Beautiful lashes

Beautiful lashes have traditionally been achieved through make-up. Long, thick lashes draw attention to the eye. But long lashes are also probably attractive because they function to protect they eye, and when we ‘procreate’ we look for the fittest person to share our genes. Lashes protect our eye from debris. They also serve as sensors to let us know when something is approaching our eye, and initiate a blink reflex. Sound crazy? Consider that the absence of eyelashes may be a sign of an ailment or vitamin deficiency. In any case, we love long lashes. A way to cheat and give the illusion of longer lashes is to apply fake ones. However, as many of you know there is also a safe, topical product called Latisse that is FDA approved to grow lashes. And yes, it works! It takes about 4 weeks, but big, beautiful lashes grow and grow and grow!

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