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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Excitement!

It’s just another Beverly Hills plastic surgery blog

It’s 8 am in Beverly Hills, and why is it so exciting this early in the morning? Because some Beverly Hills plastic surgeons like myself cover the entire body, head to toe. And I take a lot of emergency room call for complex face and hand injuries. So, you just never know what to expect. That in itself, makes the field exciting! I just saw a young man 18 years of age with a knife injury to the hand. He cut his tendon. While many Beverly Hills plastic surgeons focus just on cosmetic surgery or do nothing but Beverly Hills breast augmentationBeverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Neavin posts (ok, guilty) I think it is important to devote some time to the reconstruction aspect of plastic surgery. Reconstruction was actually the origin of our field. You see, during World War I when surgery advances were accelerating, there became a need to have the ability to reconstruct complex soft tissue defects from artillery. The answer, of course, was plastic and reconstructive surgery. Plastic comes from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means to mold. Hence, plastic surgery was initially the field of remolding soft tissues. Nowadays, many plastic surgeons such as myself still practice reconstructive surgery. Yes, even Beverly Hills plastic surgeons have been known to sew a finger back together or repair complex soft tissue defects from cancer resections. This, of course, is what makes makes plastic surgery so fun and exciting.