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Beverly Hills Scar Revision

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin's office

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin sees a lot of scar revision patients. Many scar revisions can be performed under local anesthesia in the office.

Beverly Hills plastic surgery involves much more than breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, and face lifts. I also happen to manage a lot of traumatic scars. For some reason, I have many patients in the area finding me to help reduce facial scars with scar revision from a number of issues, including dog bites and car accidents. For one, sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater is essential after the wound is healed. Secondly, regular massaging, followed by a scar gel (I use BioCorneum which has sunscreen and silicone sheeting in it). After six months, I consider revising it surgically with a scar revision if I think it is going to improve the scar. Sometimes, medical tattooing is necessary. For medical tattooing, I wait for the scar to heal, then refer to one of the local aestheticians who manage some of my Beverly Hills Scar revision patients. Scar management is a complex, yet very rewarding part of my practice. The idea of scar revision is that a surgically created scar under sterile and controlled conditions with a sharp, precise blade will allow tissues to heal better than a scar generated from trauma. Scar revision generally includes the excision of the scar down to below the skin level, followed by multi-layer closure and fat grafting. Fat grafting is often accompanied to my revisions to both fill in depressions caused by scars, and to9 supply stem cells to the area to possibly facilitate healing and tissue remodeling. For more about stem cells and fat grafting (fat transfer), visit this post about fat grafting curing the aging face.

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