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Controversial Beauty Advantages

7 Controversial Arguments to Be, and Stay Beautiful

I spend a lot of time reading about beauty, writing about beauty, and creating beauty. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” But beauty is relative. It is said that is in the eye of the beholder. This is undeniably true, but many would argue that there are indeed universal physical characteristics that appear beautiful across time, place, and cultures. If we focus on some of these “ideal” features, and how they fit into today’s world, I bet many would argue that owning beauty has distinct advantages over those who don’t. Among these advantages, I’ve found 7 interesting topics that some will call poppycock, and others would call reality. While these aren’t all entirely my opinion, they are worth sharing to at least broaden the idea.

Looking good never hurts, but it’s especially true for women. Beauty is among the rarest of assets, and if you’re looking for a job, hunting down a mate, or generally want to make more money in your profession, beauty is one of THE MOST VALUED commodities on the planet, particularly if you are a woman and a man is hiring.

1 – Beauty is Rare These Days
Obesity is on the rise in the Western World that idealizes thin and fit as its aesthetic ideal. Does that mean beauty is becoming a fascinatingly rare commodity? And hence, a MORE valuable one? For women who are beautiful, this can be an asset (see 2 through 7).

2 – Beauty Can Help You Make More Money
Make no mistake; beautiful women command higher salaries than women that are considered less attractive. The reason is simple; it’s perception. Perception and especially first impressions are far more favorable for beautiful women, and being considered unattractive and can be the most dominant factor considering who gets hired, who gets laid off, who gets the second interview, and who gets the promotion, in a male dominated work place.

3 – Beautiful Women Have More Successful Mates
Beautiful women can easily claim a a more desirable male mate in comparison to their less-attractive counterparts. Sex sells. It also lands successful men. And it’s a real incentive for women of all ages to maintain their beauty well into their advanced ages.

4 – Beauty is Power in a materialistic Culture
Wealth, health, and social prowess are among the three prime attributes that beautiful women enjoy. Wealth can be accrued by their own means, and beauty does have its advantages in moving up the corporate ladder. Or, it can also function to attract a wealthy men who may have the ability to be more selective in choosing their spouse than less wealthy men in our materialistic world. One could debate that beautiful women enjoy more power on average than less attractive men wither standing alone or by proxy with a more powerful male mate that they have secured. There is no argument that thinner, and hence more attractive women by Western world standards, will statistically have less medical problems than obese women controlling for other environmental factors.

5 – Beauty is Confidence
Beautiful women, because they are often revered in a materialistic society, are likely to be more confident. Confidence is among the foremost variables of consideration when the confidence of a woman is considered. Overweight and unattractive women are at an unfair advantage because they’re self-conscious about their self-image, and such psychological microstressors can be of detriment to their productivity and opportunity seeking.

6 – Beautiful Women Have an Easier Life
It’s no secret that beautiful women have it easier than less-attractive women. Everything from receiving compliments, receiving gifts, receiving better job offers and having better mates. Additionally, beautiful women are statistically more likely to be treated better overall than unattractive women.

Chances are, you agree with some of these arguments but not all of them. I am sure many beautiful women hold the position that their life in many ways is more difficult. That they feel like they have to constantly live up to an aesthetic ideal, since they have relied on that nicety for so long. Many beautiful women will say that there are distinct disadvantages in the professional workplace. Do men find more attractive women smarter or dumber than their less attractive counterparts? Beautiful women are often the object of jealousy among other women in the workplace. And beautiful women are often perceived stereotypically as being vain and less honest. But what do the studies show?

Research exists on the topic of beauty, success, intelligence, and social advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the findings:

A physically attractive person is more likely to be found less guilty than a less attractive person while they are charged with the same crime.

Physically unattractive defendants are considered to be more dangerous than better looking offender in sex-related crimes.(Thank you, Hollywood).

The scores of those physically attractive are higher than less physically attractive people on measures of affect and mood.

People actually tend to believe attractive people as smarter, more successful, more sociable, more dominant, sexually warmer, mentally healthier and higher in self-esteem than their physically unattractive people, but studies show that there is no intelligent difference between attractive people and less attractive people.

Physically attractive people are more sociable and less socially anxious and lonely than less physically attractive people.

Physically attractive people are more popular than less attractive people and people are more likely to have an interaction with people who are physically attractive.

Individuals are more likely to give personal information to physically attractive people than less physically attractive people. The subtext to this, is that more attractive people may be felt to be more honest.

Physically unattractive people are more likely to be identified as psychopaths over physically attractive people. (The authors of this study must have never seen American Psycho).

Physically attractive individuals found guilty of a particular crime are more likely to receive more generous sentences than less attractive defendants.

So there you have it. Perhaps it does pay to be beautiful. And it pays dividends in the City of Angels. Until we live in a world where we are judged solely by our heart and soul, there is a market for attractiveness. Especially in Los Angeles, where some view beauty more as a necessity than a luxury. More on the advantages of beauty can be found here.