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How to Fool Your Friends After Plastic Surgery


Outside of Beverly Hills, many people feel uncomfortable about friends and family knowing about one’s desires for facial rejuvenation. While walking on Rodeo Drive with a splint on a nose indicative of a recent rhinoplasty is somewhat of an odd status symbol in Wes Los Angeles, in most parts of the country it can be viewed quite differently. Similarly, bruised necks and under-eyes are commonplace at Barney’s off Wilshire. But how about those that don’t want people to know they’ve had plastic surgery, or facial fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane? Well, one could hide in their house for weeks. But even then, they will most certainly look “different”, perhaps younger or refreshed, when they leave the house in a few weeks. Or, their nose may be smaller, their lips bigger, and their chest more projecting. When the sequela of plastic surgery disappears (swelling and bruising) and you are on your way to greet the world again with your ‘new’ self, here is a helpful tip to fool your friends: Change your hairstyle or hair color. Almost always, your new look will be attributed to your new hair, as it will be a striking and obvious change – much more obvious that subtle facial or breast procedures. (Okay, well some breast procedures aren’t all that subtle). But, I always tell my patients this pearl. And to date, I have always been correct! (Well, that is except for a few of the breast enhancements.)

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