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More From Dubai: Necks & Noses

It has been a fantastic week in Dubai filled with beautiful weather, fantastic food and scenery, and more plastic surgery. What more is there to life? Hold your thoughts… Today, I saw another interesting rhinoplasty consult. She was with her older sister and mother, who had also asked about a neck lift. Although the taboo of plastic surgery in the United States has largely faded, particularly in Los Angeles and even more so in Beverly Hills, it still exists among other cultures. For this reason, hiding scars becomes critically important when people are concerned about what their peers in their community are going to think if they are found to have gone under the knife. However, sometimes less incisions means less correction. That is, we are limited to what we can reasonably achieve with very small incisions in people with big cosmetic problems. Where as the rhinoplasty scars in the daughter’s case could be well hidden all inside the nose, it is difficult to achieve a very tight neck in her mother who had saggy neck skin with liposuction alone. Thus, the trade-off of plastic surgery. Small incisions for small problems. Larger incisions for larger problems. This is where laser liposuction for the neck may play a role, as it can sometimes obviate the need for larger incision ‘lifting’ techniques to restore tightness to the neck.