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Put liposuction fat from hips into breasts?

Sure, admit it. You’ve thought of this, haven’t you? It makes so much sense, right? So why hasn’t it been done before? Well, it has. However, you must consider a couple of things before you start filling your bosoms with unwanted hip fat from liposuction. For one, will it work? The rentention of fat transfer to the breast is unpredictable, to put it mildly. Many studies suggest optimal benefit from multiple procedures, spaced apart. That means more money. Secondly, what about mammograms? Silicone and saline implants (and the breast augmentation procedure) distort very little breast architecture. Fat grafting, however, can create changes that can mimick breast cancer on mammograms (or even physical exam). While there may be a role for fat grafting to the breast for very complex scenarious, at this point it shouldn’t be the primary choice for breast augmentation. Stay tuned for more on this interesting topic.

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