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Wrinkles Aren’t so Bad!

Today I saw a fifty year old woman in the office who wanted me to make all of her wrinkles disappear. She animated her face, and suddenly wrinkles appeared! But this is normal, I explained. Even babies have wrinkles with animation such as crying or laughing. So what is the difference? Why don’t babies look old when the cry or laugh? Well, for one it is volume. A babies face is filled with fat and fat faces (when fat is distributed in the right areas) looks young. Older faces are gaunt. But that is a topic for an entire series of blogs. And a great segway into Juvederm and fat grafting. But back to the wrinkles… To refreshen a face, it is best to aim for the reduction of wrinkles at repose, or rest, NOT animation. That is, if you look in the mirror with a straight face and see wrinkles around your eyes or forehead, then Botox can work well for you. If you simply have wrinkles when animating, sure, Botox can work, but at the price of significantly weakening your muscles of expression! It is a trade off! But an important one to recognize!

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