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Dubai Plastic Surgery: An Interesting Request

I arrived in Dubai Tuesday night to beautiful weather for a fun 2 weeks of plastic surgery (http://www.absamc.com/). Wednesday in the office was a busy day filled with some very interesting consults. Perhaps the most unusual request was a chin reduction in a young woman. She was 28 but looked much younger, and she always felt she had a prominent chin. Her evaluation showed that her bite (occlusion) was normal. It is always important to evaluate the way teeth align when evaluating chin aesthetics. Because if they bite is off (lower teeth are too far forward or backward), the correct operation may be advancing or shortening the mandible. However, on profile, her chin actually did not protrude beyond normal cephalometric analysis (study of facial architecture). However, her midface (cheeks) was retruded. That is, her cheeks were too far ‘back’. When we studied her photos together she was surprised to understand this observation. And the conversation ended up changing from how can I make her chin less prominent to how can I make her midface more balanced. In the end, we agreed on facial fat grafting and lip augmentation.

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