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Brow Lift & Forehead Lift

Forehead and Brow lift are often used interchangeably. The goal is to reduce forehead wrinkles and elevate the eyebrow.

Eyebrows can drop with aging. When eyebrows drop, they can bestow a look of tiredness or even anger. For this reason, forehead and eyes surgery can be viewed as expressional surgery.

Pretrichial Approach

Forehead lifts can be done in a few ways. One is the pretrichial approach, where the incision is made along the hairline. This is a great approach when the forehead is too large – yes, hairlines recede in women, too. Reducing the height of the forehead to its proper balance (1/3) of the face height dramatically de-ages the face. The incision is placed in zig zags to camouflage the scar, and done in a beveling way to make sure follicles grow through the incision.

Endoscopic Approach

The other approach is endoscopic brow lift. This does NOT change the hairline, or, can actually make the hairline move backward. The results of the endoscopic approach are more short lived. The advantage, of course, is smaller scars.

Forehead lifts and brow lifts are often combined with other face surgery to avoid patchwork-type rejuvenation.

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