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Chin Augmentation & Enhancement

A chin augmentation describes the use of a chin implant to strengthen the chin and improve contour of the jaw bone.  It is a  fantastic operation for someone who either:

  • Has a weak chin
  • Has a larger nose
  • Has an imbalanced profile

Chin implant surgery also known as chin augmentation uses a small incision INSIDE the mouth where a silicone implant is placed. The operation can often be done in 30 minutes, and the results of chin augmentation are immediate with no visible scarring. Chin augmentations can strengthen a male profile, balance a woman’s profile, or make a larger nose appear smaller. In fact, it is not uncommon for women come to the office for a rhinoplasty when in fact they just needed a more prominent chin. Profiles are evaluated for chin augmentation, and it is helpful to illustrate the effects of a chin to show patients the potential result.

Things to know about chin implants and chin augmentation.

The surgery takes about 30 minutes to perform. While one does not necessarily need general anesthesia for chin implant surgery, it often is for men and women who feel uncomfortable  hearing or feeling the contact of instruments.

There is surprisingly little pain after surgery.  If the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the area is easily anesthetized to make the procedure pain free.

Generally, a deficient chin corresponds with deficient mid-face volume in both men and women. Facial fat grafting to the cheeks often goes hand in hand with chin augmentation. With women, lip augmentation is often the rule as depicted above.

Chin augmentation is the one procedure where it is best described as subtle but significant. It is surprising how few people even friends and family, will be able to identify that the chin was augmented. Despite the magnificent profile and improved photos from this enhancement, most people that don’t know you had chin surgery will simply tell you that you “look better”.

Perhaps one of the most powerful face transformations is a , chin augmentation, with rhinoplasty, lip enhancement, buccal lipectomy, and facial fat grafting. Buccal lipectomy is a procedure that removes “chipmunk cheeks”. This combination can be performed in 3 hours and can convert virtually any face into one that looks like it belongs on a billboard. And the wonderful thing is, it can all be done with no visible scars on the face.


For more information on chin implant surgery visit the FAQ page.

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