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Earlobe Repair

On the face, two areas continue to grow with age. Can you guess what two areas? Well, yes, the ear and earlobe. Two is the nose. There are many units of a face that when viewed together as a whole, produce an image of youth or age. Thus, a real facial rejuvenation should include as many components as possible. The “done” look is often a result of patchwork surgery: Fresh face with a saggy neck, or full cheeks and droopy eyebrows, for example. Even the elongated ear lobes that you think nobody else may notice, well, it may still impart an aged look to your face. The good news is that earlobe surgery is rather easy, and the results are immediate.

Earlobe surgery also includes keloids. Keloids are an exaggerated scar response often seen in darker pigmented people. The management of keloids can range from steroid injections, to surgery and excision of the keloid, to surgery and a short course radiation therapy. Sometimes health insurance will cover keloid surgery. The recovery is often quick, and it can be done in the office under local in certain cases.