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Neck Lift

Youthful profiles have a sharp angle in the neck. As we age, fat accumulates in the neck, the skin sags, and the muscles under the skin loosen.

Perhaps you have a double-chin, gobble neck, turkey neck, or turkey wobble. This is when a neck lift is indicated.

A neck lift is a very powerful way to rejuvenate a person in both men and women. Neck lifts are USUALLY combined with a facelift to avoid a patchwork-like look, or the “done” look. Profiles of men and women can be dramatically improved with a neck lift.

Liposuction of the neck is a good way to restore a tighter jaw line. It is the procedure of choice in men and women who have excess fat and relatively good skin elasticity of the neck. Recovery involves wearing a bandage under the chin for a week. There are virtually no visible incisions (small one under chin, and one in the crease of the earlobe behind the ear).

Often, a neck lift is performed in conjunction with a chin implant. The chin implant can help “suspend” the neck. Perhaps the most powerful combination is neck lift in conjunction with rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. For men, a neck lift and chin implant can impart a very powerful look.

With a neck lift, a small incision is made under the chin. From here, unwanted fat can be removed directly under vision, and the muscles such as the platysma can be tightened. When the neck lift is combined with a face lift, excess skin can be pulled and trimmed. However, the power of the neck lift is the sculpting that occurs under the skin. A neck lift is analogous to a tummy tuck.

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