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Rhinoplasty Consultation

Plan for about a 1 to 1.5-hour visit to the office for your consultation with Dr. Neavin. He will want to review your medical history, medications,  and any prior nasal surgeries.  Dr. Neavin will examine your nose and may even take photos to render potential “after’ nose shapes.

Patients who have had a prior rhinoplasty have to wait until swelling subsides before going under the knife again. This can range from a couple of months to up to a year depending on region and type of prior surgery. Small deformities may be correctable simply with injectables and may not necessarily need months to address. During the visit, you may wish to have your nose injected the same day. Because the procedure can be performed in 30 minutes or less, this request often doesn’t need additional scheduling.

During the consultation, you will be asked very specific questions about the shape and size of your nose that bothers you.  Many men and women will bring in photos of noses that they like, or wish to “have.”  This is helpful because it helps set the stage for expectations.  Some noses are easier to shape than others, depending on skin thickness (which is next to impossible to change).

Often, men or women don’t know precisely what they want to be changed.  They may only ask for a prettier or more handsome nose that fits their face.

Chin projection, median face projection, neck, and the lips will all be assessed together since the nose is often treated congruently with the surrounding facial features.  Renderings of stronger chins or tighter necks can help deliver to the potential patient a good idea of how small modifications in these areas can contribute to improving nose shape.