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Depending on whether the septum was corrected or portions of it were used for grafting, the nose may or may not be packed for as long as five days.  If the nose is fractured, a splint will be placed for a week.  If it is not fractured, then tape will be worn on the nose for a week.  Stitches in the nose would be removed on day 7 in the office if an open approach was performed.  If a closed approach were conducted, all of the stitches would dissolve.

For the first week, it is wise to sleep with pillows.  Some minor bleeding or “oozing” may occur for a few days following rhinoplasty.  Any significant bleeding is unusual and would warrant a call to 911 or Dr. Neavin immediately.

The nose, especially the tip, will remain swollen for months.  The majority of the swelling will subside within a few weeks.  But persistent tip edema is common for up to 6 months or more.

Asymmetry from swelling is not uncommon. Also, diet will play a role in swelling.  High salt diets for the day will result in more tip edema the following day.  Sleeping with the head elevated will help relieve morning swelling.

If the nose is fractured, there is a high likelihood of bruising around the eye.  Usually, this will dissipate within a week.

If chin augmentation, neck lift, or fat grafting is performed with the rhinoplasty, please refer to their respective sections to learn more about their recovery.