Beverly Hills Times Features Dr. Neavin

Beverly Hills Times Magazine

Beverly Hills Times Magazine features Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Neavin, as the cover story.  Dr. Neavin discusses the long road to becoming a plastic surgeon. He also shares some personal stories and what it’s like living in Los Angeles. Click on the image below to download the article.

Tim Neavin Beverly Hills Times Cover

Download a PDF Of the full Articles.

“Plastic surgery is about making people happy. It is an art as much as a science. Understanding beauty is a must, so it can be recreated. Plastic surgery is not just about fighting the aging process. As the medical and surgical fields have advanced to offer premium health care in numerous areas, the business of plastic and reconstructive surgery is no different. To much emphasis is placed on the role of a plastic surgeon doing face lifts, breasts and lipo. Yes, they are part of what we do, but plastic surgery is also about helping people who have suffered physical deformities from burns, cancer surgeries, accidents and birth defects. Plastic and reconstructive surgery allows them to move forward with their lives.” – Dr. Timothy Neavin

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