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Beyond Wrinkles: Signs you are Getting old


Wrinkles.  It even sounds awful. Fortunately, they can be reduced or even erased with Botox or its competitors, Xeomin and Dysport.  However, there is a dark side to these neurotoxins, as they’re called.  They can certainly make one look better, but one must understand they aren’t quite a panacea to aging.

Botox has become a household name.  The idea was simple enough: weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles.  However, “Too much of a good thing” comes to mind when we think about Botox and its common use in the plastic surgeon’s office.  What in the world do I mean by this heresy?

The Dark Side of Botox

The neurotoxins are wonderful products for wrinkle reduction.  And men and women associate wrinkles with old age.  But, wrinkles are really just a small part of the aging face.  If one were to erase all of the wrinkles on  the photo of a 75 year old man or women, would they really look any younger? No.  They would look the same age but less wrinkled.  We can admit a wrinkled face doesn’t look as attractive as one that is smooth.  But to make the leap that they look older is just that – a leap.

Men and women look older because of many factors. Wrinkles is on the bottom of the list of culprits.  When patients go for the Botox needle they often erase not just wrinkles, but expression.  Think about it.  Even babies make wrinkles when they cry. Overdoing Botox can make one look unnatural.  And more, it can even make one look paradoxically older by lowering the eyebrow. So forget wrinkles for now.

fat transfer

How many signs of aging can you spot in this drawing?

So, what are the things that make one look older? Take a look at this list below then look at the mirror.

22 Signs That You are Getting old

1 Skin tone, texture, and pore size.

2 Volume loss of the face (represented by the pink areas in the photo)

3 Descent of tissues

4 Longer earlobes

5 Large and droopier nose

6 Hanging upper eyelids

7 Bags under the eyes

8 Facial architecture changes (peanut head)

9 Facial architecture inversion (bottom heavy face)

10 Longer distance between nose and lip

11 Droopy chin

12 Jowls

13 Prominent laugh lines

14 Marionette lines

15 Loss of upper teeth show on the rested parted mouth

16 Exposure of the LOWER teeth on the rested parted mouth

17 Eyebrow descent

18 Recession of hairline in men and women

19 Hair loss

20 Thinner lips

21 Yellow teeth

22 Corner of the mouth descent