Breast Augmentation Surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that has a goal of increasing the size or perkiness of breasts. This is usually done by placing breast implants under the breast muscles or breast tissue. If you are looking for some of the best breast augmentation surgery results in Los Angeles, Dr. Neavin is regarded one of the top-rated plastic surgeons in the area. If you’re ready to go with your breast augmentation then you’ve probably done some research and you may have chosen your ideal silicone breast implants cup size, but what you may not readily consider is which breast implant will create the perfect look for your form. As Dr. Neavin provides best breast augmentation Beverly Hills has to offer, its no wonder he is considered a top breast augmentation surgeon. A common question is often, how much does breast augmentation cost? The answer is, it depends, but the range for breast augmentation in Los Angeles is generally $9,000 dollars and up.

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Dr. Neavin recommends breast augmentation surgery for women who lack additional fullness and size in their chest. However, many women who already have reasonable volume also desire to increase their cup size or “perkiness”. Whether due to natural aging, genetics, pregnancy or weight loss, sagging of the breasts can occur and lack symmetry or appear disproportionate to the rest of body and thus a breast augmentation procedure can solve this issue. If you don’t know whether or not you are a breast augmentation surgery candidate, you can meet with Dr. Neavin for a complimentary in-person consultation to discuss any questions you may have about the procedure.

During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Neavin will guide you through your breast implant choices, the different surgery incision techniques and placement of the breast implants. With a physical examination and measurements of your current bust, he can suggest a cup size that will make your post breast augmentation results natural while enhancing your appearance.

To gain a better understanding of your ideal breast augmentation outcome and to get optimal results, Dr. Neavin may ask you to come to your breast augmentation consultation with photographs of breasts that you like as well as ones that you don’t. The comparison will help Dr. Neavin narrow down the aesthetics you desire and determine the ideal approach for your surgery.

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Dr. Neavin offers breast augmentation consultations at his office conveniently located for residents in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. Dr. Neavin will be able to guide you on how to achieve the breast augmentation results you’re looking for. When it comes to breast augmentation, Dr. Neavin is renown for breast augmentation results he can provide his patients. Dr. Neavin is a Castle Connolly top rated plastic surgeon. Many of his 5-star reviews from other patients in Los Angeles can be seen on both RealSelf and Yelp

If you are interested in discussing your options for a breast augmentation procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact Artisan of Beauty© at: 310-858-8811 or email at info@artisanofbeauty.com. You can also visit us at: 421 North Rodeo Dr. | Suite A-1 Beverly Hills, CA 9021


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