I saw a woman today in my Beverly Hills office who wanted to get rid of her chipmunk cheeks (as she called it) which led to a discussion about buccal lipectomy. Buccal lipectomy refers to removing fat in the cheeks to think them, or hollow them. Many women desire that sunken in cheek look, just below prominent cheekbones. This is a very common model look, and I’m sure you have seen this aesthetic ideal on billboards and magazine ads. One of my favorite operations is remodeling the face with a combination of buccal lipectomy to hollow the cheek, fat grafting to the cheek bone to accentuate this region, augmentation to the lips with either fat or Juvederm, and a small chin implant to balance the face. This combination can all be done without any visible scars. Cheek fat is removed from a 1 cm incision inside the mouth, a small chin implant is placed within the mouth, and fat grafting to lips and cheek prominences can be done through the corner of the mouth. The only true visible scar is the one centimeter scar on the hip where the fat is taken! And yes, liposuction of the waist can be combined while were in the process of taking fat for fat grafting. A fantastic example of strong cheekbones, sunken cheeks, full lips and well balanced chin is – you guessed it – Angelina Jolie. Look at these photos and see for yourself!


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