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Dr Tim Neavin

Do you have a constant tired expression?

Causes of the Tired Look

If you have a constantly tired expression, it may be because of one of a number of things. This article will discuss 5 reasons why you may look like you need a good night’s rest – and potential fixes.

You DO need a good night’s rest.

Being physically or emotionally tired is often reflected in our faces.  Exhaustion causes the upper eyelids to drop lower than their usual, rested state. Dark circles may form under the eyes. The facial muscles will tire as well which can change the mouth posture.  Yup, you look terrible. The fix? Sleep.  Well, that one was easy.

Your eyebrows have descended with age.

Youthful brows sit above the rim of the eye.  As we get older, they drop.  To restore their higher position we contract our forehead muscles.  The result is wrinkles.  Thus, the fix is:Brow lift and Botox for wrinkles.

Your malar fat pads have fallen.

The malar fat pads is a was of fat that in youth connects the lid to the cheek. When we are young, the lid cheek junction is a smooth transition.  As we age this tissue descends.  It creates a groove below the lid.  This groove is referred to as a tear trough.  Thus, tear troughs make us look tired. The fix? Either dermal fillers into the tear trough or a cheek lift of some nature.  Plastic surgeons can lift the cheeks with a traditional facelift or a midface lift. Another powerful option to fill this groove is with fat transfer.

You have bags under your eyes.

Blame your mom. Blame your dad. You can probably even blame smoking. Bags under the eyes are the result of genetics and lifestyle. When they become pronounced, they generate a tired appearance. Unfortunately, there are no magic potions or lotions to remove them. The fix? lower lid blepharoplasty. Read more about blepharoplasty here.

Your upper lids are hooding.

The upper eyelids develop redundant skin with age. That is, they get heavy.  When they start to hide the upper eyelid crease, they make one look old and tired. The fix for this is an upper lid blepharoplasty. Thus, plastic surgeons trim some of the extra skin to reshape the upper lid.  Care must be taken to avoid taking too much skin for an over aggressive resection will make one look older. Sometimes, fat is injected into the area just below the upper rim of the eye.  Blepharoplasty is an art form where many components must be delicately balanced.


                                          GREEN = wrinkles; BLUE = bags and tear trough; RED = upper lid hooding