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Dr Tim Neavin

Covid-19 Office Protocol

To our coveted patients and colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the city of Beverly Hills no longer prohibits cosmetic plastic surgery or procedures. The office has reopened and strictly complies with COVID-19 CDC guidelines to ensure that safety remains the number one priority of the practice.

For patients who remain more comfortable staying at home for the time being, Dr. Neavin is available for virtual consults or home visits equipped with proper PPE.

For more information, please contact the office by phone at: 310-858-8811, by text at: 323-975-1287, or email at:

Thank you, and please stay safe. Sincerely, Artisan of Beauty Plastic Surgery


Strict “No Waiting Room” Policy. 
Patients will be checked in one at a time and moved to the next open exam room. 

Only one patient at the front desk per check in / check out. Overflow upon check-in will be asked to wait outside.  Overflow upon check-out will be asked to wait in their respective exam room(s).

All patients will be asked to sanitize hands upon coming into and upon leaving the office.  Sanitizer will be available at the front desk and in each room on the wall.

Front door handles (inside and out) will be wiped down every hour. 

Temperature checks will be performed on every patient at check in.  Temperatures over 100 degrees for a “well visit” will be turned away.

Known “sick patients” will be seen at the end of the day as urgency permits for their own safety. 

New patient paperwork will be encouraged to be filled out at home prior to arrival and electronically submitted if possible.  Any pens, clipboards, Ipads, or educational material, will be wiped down after each and every patient use. 

All Patients and their guests are required to use some form of face covering when visiting the office.  The face covering is to remain in place unless otherwise directed by the doctor.

Each room will be cleaned after each patient per standard room sanitation practices.  (Exam Table, Inside and Outside Door Handles, countertops, guest chairs, and any accessories/equipment brought into the room will be disinfected on turnover.) 

Bathroom fixtures and door handles will be wiped down once an hour.

All patients will complete a brief survey:

  • Are you feeling well?
  • Do you have any cough, shortness of breath, or fever?
  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
  • If so, how long ago did you test positive for ACTIVE Virus? 
  • Have any of your close contacts tested positive for the virus?
  • Have you had an antibody test showing that you have been exposed to the Virus?
  • Where was your antibody test performed? 
  • What brand of Test was used?

*Patients testing positive for the ACTIVE Virus will need to be rescheduled for 6 weeks following their last negative viral test, even if asymptomatic, unless they are in need of urgent care. 

All visitors will provide written consent for visiting the office regardless of being treated:  
They will accept that the risk of catching the COVID-19 exists regardless of mitigation techniques, and that they fully understand:

  • COVID-19 is Highly Contagious.
  • COVID-19 Has no known cure.
  • COVID-19 Is not completely understood, including its long-term effects.
  • That possibility exists that they may die if they catch COVID-19. 
  • That they can pass COVID-19 on to others.

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