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Face Remodeling in Beverly Hills

While reducing wrinkles and improving skin go a long way in rejuvenating a man, the architecture of a his face is perhaps the most important determinant that defines his attractiveness. Strong cheek bones, jaws, and chins are the hallmark of handsomeness.

The goal for male facial remodeling is not to make one different looking, unless of course, that is their wish. Most men desire to simply look “better”. Enhancement of the the face for men can be performed, in many, cases, with simple fillers in the office, with little to no downtime.

In other cases, the transfer of fat may be the better option to volumes areas of deficiency while also building new, refined architecture or restore youth, as in the last case below.

For more on these methods, please visit Fat Grafting or Injectables. Call Artisan of Beauty at 310-858-8811 or text 323-975-1287 to schedule a consultation and get started on your treatment.

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