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Dr Tim Neavin

Facial Fat Transfer in Beverly Hills

Facial Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a patient’s own fat to reduce wrinkles and restore volume to areas such as the cheeks, lips, temples, and under-eye hollows. Fat plays a major role in maintaining a fresh-faced, youthful appearance. Over time, the distribution and location of facial fat changes, and our skin produces less collagen. (1) As wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear, and as the natural fat pads of our face begin to atrophy and descend, we can find ourselves looking considerably different! With a facial fat transfer procedure, patients can achieve natural-looking youthful volume in one simple procedure.
At his offices in the heart of Beverly Hills, Dr. Tim Neavin performs this long-lasting treatment that transfers fat cells from other regions of their body to the face. He has perfected the art of facial fat transfer (also called fat grafting) and speaks internationally on the topic. Fat transfer can bring new life, natural-looking volume, and renewed beauty to your face. If you are interested in finding out more, contact Artisan of Beauty today at (310) 858-8811 to set up a consultation

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Aging leaves us with more fat in certain places and less fat in others. As a result, the appearance of our facial features changes. And, as skin begins to lose its elasticity, things head south even further. Facial fat grafting doesn’t just fill in gaunt areas, it can also create volume that delivers a the appearance of a lift to sagging skin by restoring volume to sunken areas related to tissue sagging.

Facial fat transfer dates back to as early as 1893, when a surgeon used fat taken from a patient’s arm to correct the contours of the patient’s face that had been deformed by a scar. (2) Today, facial fat transfer still offers cosmetic benefits, but without extensive incisions or an extended recovery period. By using fat already present in the body, there’s no need for synthetic implants.  It is your own living tissue. 

Fat can be extracted from any number of donor sites using specialized cannulas. After being processed, it is then injected into the areas requiring additional volume. Because the fat cells are still living, they will naturally graft to the new location, where they will behave like the normal fat elsewhere on the body. A fat transfer is a safe, simple, and effective way for women and men to combat the effects of facial aging.


Refreshed and Rejuvenated Features

Adding fat to the cheeks can help improve the appearance of sagging skin in the lower face, and camouflage the jowls. It can also be used to plump the lips and fill in nasolabial folds. Studies have shown that human fat cells carry the largest number of adult stem cells found anywhere in the body. These cells have the ability to become new nerve, muscle, and vascular cells.(2) Once they’ve been introduced to the new location, they rush into action to create new healthy cells and revitalize the treatment area. For others less concerned with the effects of aging, a fat transfer can simply correct the proportions of their face, or fill out areas affected by an injury and improve skin in the process. 

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Fat transfer for the face does not require large incisions or sutures. It is much less time-consuming and considerably less invasive than a facelift. Because only specialized syringes are used, patients that choose a fat grafting procedure avoid scarring and lengthy recovery times. Patients still experience appealing results without having to undergo an extensive surgical procedure. 

Quick and Safe

Fat transfer for the face is a same-day, outpatient procedure. Often, local anesthesia is used, which is considered a more convenient alternative to general anesthesia. A facial fat transfer only takes about  one to two hours to complete, and afterward, patients are free to return home. 

Long-term Results

Unlike injectables, fat cells transferred to the face are permanent. The safety, speed, and longevity of the results is an aesthetic win for our patients.

Enhanced Quality of Life

A rejuvenated face with flattering contours can give an added boost of confidence whenever you look in the mirror or interact with others. It can markedly refresh your facial aesthetic, and subtract a considerable number of years from your appearance. 


Ideal candidates for facial fat transfer are those seeking to combat signs of aging on their face: hollow areas, bottom heavy faces, gaunt faces, wrinkles, fine lines, and furrows, for example. Because fat transfer carries minimal risk and utilizes fat cells from the patient’s own body, most people are good candidates for the procedure. The ideal candidate will have enough fat in the harvest site (e.g. abdomen, thighs, or back) and sufficient volume in the treatment area for grafting. (1) 

Personal Consultation

Facial fat transfer is an attractive treatment for our patients because it does not require major surgery yet still achieves visible long-term results. We want our patients to be well-versed in the ins-and-outs of facial fat grafting, and how it can be customized to address your unique cosmetic needs. We’ll review your medical history and ensure that you will make a good candidate for facial fat transfer. During the initial consultation, we also recommend that you arrive with questions, concerns, and a knowledge of what areas you would like to treat. 

To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Neavin, follow his blog!


We advise that you avoid blood-thinning medication (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen) two weeks before the fat transfer procedure. We also recommend that you are at a stable weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure optimal results of your fat transfer. (2)


The facial fat grafting procedure is completed in three steps: (1)

  1. Stem-cell rich fat cells are removed from the harvest site.
  2. Fat is processed to filter out unwanted fluids.
  3. The fat cells are injected into the patient’s face at targeted treatment points.

The procedure will be completed at Dr. Neavin’s Beverly Hills office, and you will be discharged the same day to begin your recovery comfortably at home. 


Recovery from the fat grafting procedure can take a week to 10 days. Two areas will require aftercare–the harvest area, and the treatment areas on the face. During recovery, the harvest site will experience swelling and tenderness. The skin tissue along specific points on the face that receive the fat transfer will also be sore and swollen for up to one week or more, depending on the volume transferred.. As you heal from the procedure, we recommend that you avoid placing pressure on these areas. 


It can take a few weeks for grafted fat to settle. Improvement is most noticeable after three to four months as any residual swelling will be long gone, and the surviving fat cells have adapted to their new environment. While the majority of the fat will survive the graft, a portion of it will instead be resorbed by the body. While individual results will vary, the smooth volume and youthful appearance of the face will last for many years.

How Much Does a Facial Fat Transfer Cost in Beverly Hills?

Procedural costs are addressed during your initial consultation as we determine if you are a good candidate for facial fat grafting. If so, we will give you an accurate quote for the cost after developing your treatment plan. Details that will influence the price of your facial fat transfer include your aesthetic goals, how much fat is needed to complete the facial fat transfer, and the complexity of the procedure, among other factors. Achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact Artisan of Beauty Plastic Surgery at (310) 858-8811 to set up a consultation


What makes fat transfer an effective treatment?

Fat cells are adaptable and a rich source of stem cells. These undifferentiated cells can become new forms of cells, such as those that form blood vessels. Once the fat cells are grafted to their new location, they settle, for natural, youthful-looking facial rejuvenation.

Do all fat cells survive during the facial fat transfer procedure?

No. The survivability depends on each person’s native tissue properties, as well as the instruments and techniques implemented to both harvest the fat and inject it. Experienced surgeons know to inject slightly more fat in anticipation of this reality.

How long do facial fat transfers last?

Results from facial fat transfer can be permanent. Because the transferred fat behaves like the fat elsewhere in your body, it will respond to weight fluctuations. Consequently, dramatic weight loss may impact your results.

What is the fat transfer process like?

Once the harvested fat cells have been prepared for grafting they are placed into syringes. These syringes are then injected below the skin in the areas of the face requiring additional volume.


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