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Artisan of Beauty Before and After Photos
Dr Tim Neavin
Surgery with Symmetry
Dr Tim Neavin

Facial Reshaping With Volume

Facial Remodeling

Facial remodeling with combination products and techniques is an art.  Combination facial surgery create synergistic transformations when properly performed.

Some of the more common remodeling surgeries in women include:

  • rhinoplasty with fat grafting to face
  • chin augmentation to balance nose and face
  • buccal lipectomy (removing chipmunk cheeks)

This common combination transforms faces in almost a magical fashion.

The Common Desire to “Look Better”

Perhaps the interesting scenario is when a man or woman desires to look “better”, but  he or she doesn’t really know what they want. Often, they will offer that they look older, or “tired”.  Other times the requests are even more vague, such as, “what can you do to make me look better?”.

From this starting point, it is helpful to identify what is “imperfect”. From there, plastic surgeons  try to sort out ideas to improve units of the face.

With a mirror and a Q-tip, the face is evaluated  from the hairline to  the chin.  Imperfections are simply areas of the face that appear imbalanced against  known aesthetic ideals. But, while beauty is subjective and dynamic, these ideals exist through research.

Achieving “Looking Better”

Thankfully, plastic surgeons don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time someone comes in desiring to look more attractive. These aesthetic guidelines for which we follow are pretty predictive in improving attractiveness.

Typically, feminizing a face is achieved with balancing the facial structures with volume addition, subtraction, or combinations thereof. In most cases, simple volume addition to the cheekbone and under eyes will go miles down the beauty highway .  This is simply performed by taking fat from an unwanted area such as the hips  and injected it into the areas below the eyes and cheekbones. The addition of volume here restores the heart shaped face of youth.

Silicone chin implants can be placed from inside the mouth to balance the profile. Often, the addition of such volume to the chin paradoxically feminize the nose and face.  While we attribute strong chins to men, inadequately projected chins in women serve no help in raising the beauty bar.  Poorly projected chins are unattractive.  The best news is, all of these procedures are performed without leaving any visible scars on the face.

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