Facial Sculpting

Plastic surgery of the face, among other things,  involves addition and subtraction of volume.  The example below illustrates how just  the addition of volume can create a more balanced face.

This woman desires a more attractive face.  Attractive faces in young women possess a heart shape.  That is, more volume is distributed on the upper third of the face than in the lower third.

Proper architecture is essential for defining the heart shape face of youth. The before and after photos show the progression from a bottom heavy face to a top heavy face. But how was this done?

after fat grafting by Dr. Neavin

Facial Fat Grafting

Dr. Neavin performs high volume facial fat grafting. The goal in most cases is to widen upper third of face to create sexier, heart-shaped face in women, or square face in men. Dr. Neavin removes fat via liposuction and carefully prepares the fat for injection into the face.  From the corner of the mouth, the face is filled with fat in all of the appropriate areas. This leaves no visible scars on the face.

In addition, chin implants and neck liposuction will often aid in face reshaping. The interesting thing about this case is that her face looks thinner with the ADDITION of volume (46 cc fat and silicone chin implant). It is also important to note that a chin augmentation can also make a nose look smaller.

Below are photos demonstrating the power of chin augmentation in facial reshaping.

Face3 Face2 Face1

For more on fat grafting please visit the fat grafting page or the FAQ page.


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