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Dr. Neavin is a world renown hair transplant surgeon.  Men and women visit D. Neavin from all over the world for hair and eyebrow restoration.  Below, Dr. Neavin discusses some of the advances in hair transplantation.

Dr. Neavin offers the most advanced solutions for hair loss, including PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, nano fat grafting to introduce stem cells, and hair transplantation using automated FUE (follicular unit extraction) with NeoGraft technology.

Below is a quick video showing NeoGraft in action for a patient named Sam.

Hair is Youth

Hair is a significant component of both youth and beauty. Hair thinning or recession in both men and women can impart an aged look. Not only does it primarily age oneself, it carries with it a loss of self esteem and confidence in many men and women. Thus, restoring hair to its earlier state of density and pattern can remarkably rejuvenate oneself so that the head “matches” the rest of your face (and body), and equally good for the psyche in those men and women who are afflicted emotionally from balding.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common phenomenon. In the United States, up to 70 million men each year develop male pattern hair loss. It is no surprise to learn that the market for hair loss is large and growing. Unfortunately, there are few lotions or potions that can slow down hair loss, improve hair density, or thicken hair shafts. Rogaine (R) and Propecia (R) have become popular players in the over the counter and prescribed plan for many, and for good reason, they work. Indeed, there is good literature to support the efficacy of Minoxidil and Finestaride. Most patients can tolerate these medications given their relatively benign side effect profile. Compliance, however, is often a whole different problem. Applying cream to the scalp daily (or twice daily) and popping pills is an unattractive and/or inconvenient lifestyle for many.

PRP for Hair Loss

In recent years, platelet rich plasma (PRP) has gained notoriety in hair restoration, and we now have literature to support its use – in the right patient. In addition to these option, nano fat, or micronized fat, may prove to be the next “big thing” in hair loss given its ability to introduce stem cells directly into the scalp and follicles.

For younger men and women, or those that have mild hair thinning or recession, the above options may prove to be viable in achieving one’s goals. However, when there is advanced hair loss, these products and procedures generally become less efficacious.

Below, Dr. Neavin demonstrates PRP for hair loss:

Beyond PRP: Hair Transplant

A hair transplant remains the most powerful and predictable way to restore hair the the site where it has thinned. Under the umbrella of hair transplantations, there are older methods called “strip” or FUT (follicular unit transplant), and more advanced methods using devices that obviate the need to cut large pieces of scalp from the head as is the case with FTU extraction.

FUE, or follicular unit extraction, refers to the individual extraction of follicles from the scalp using very small punches, often less than a millimeter in diameter. Dr. Neavin prefers NeoGraft, a technology that uses an automated hand piece to gently extract the individual follicles. Thus, there are no scalpels, staples, or linear scars involved from start to finish. Below describes NeoGraft in more detail as well as other hair restoration treatments.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Dr. Neavin and his experienced hair transplantation team also performs eyebrow transplantation.  By using hair from the back of the head, Dr. Neavin will recreate big, beautiful brows.  The results are permanent and natural looking.  With the expertise of celebrity make-up artist  Scott Barnes, Dr. Neavin will customize your brow shape to beautifully fit your face and accentuate your eyes.

brow transplant

Hundreds of individual follicles are implanted into the eyebrow to restore fullness.

Scott Barnes is a world renown celebrity makeup artist and the personal make-up artist to Jennifer Lopez.He has written books on the art of beauty and has become a perfect team member in Dr. Neavin’s eyebrow transplantation center. Below, Dr. Neavin and Scott Barnes discuss the beauty of eyebrows.




For more on NeoGraft, PRP, and hair loss loss therapies, please visit Dr. Neavin’s hair transplant website, and see why patients fly from all over the world to have their hair loss treated by Dr. Neavin and his experienced team.

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